Specialty pet store

At Prins we cooperate with hundreds of stores. Besides specific shelving strategies we also offer product information, promotional material, courses and support from our relationship management team and CareTeam. Specialty pet stores that promote our products in a Prins-worthy fashion, will be listed as "Prins Crown Dealer"

Crown dealers that, on top of the previous mentioned products, also stock specific problem-solving feeds like our dietetic feeds, will be listed as "Crown Dealer Plus". Stores that add our complementary preventive range of products, such as the "Protection"-range, will be listed as "Crown Dealer Special".


We offer different types of support to specialty pet stores. By using so called 'toolkits' we encourage self-development. These are basically DIY kits for entrepreneurs which include tools to develop all sorts of initiative. For instance activity days or informative in-store workshops. 


For optimised presentation and sales Prins offers a shop-in-shop possibility. The Prins shop  ensures an optimised presentation  of Prins's complete range of products and its corresponding information material. The fresh look makes it a real eyecatcher. 


Has your enthusiasm been triggered and are you interested in checking out the possibilities and support Prins can offer you as a specialty pet store and/or "Crown Dealer"? Please contact us and we will make sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible!