Thanks to their loyal and satisfied customer base that has cast its vote, Prins Petfoods has once again won a prize this year. Their Prins VitalCare Kitten feed has won the award for Best Product of the Year 2020-2021 in the category animal nutrition. This is the fifth victory of Prins Petfoods within this major Dutch consumer election where consumers can vote for their favorite product.

Prins VitalCare Kitten

The Prins VitalCare Kitten is a crispy kibble for kittens from 4 weeks to about 10 to 12 months. The small pieces are easy to take in for the little kittens and support them in their growth phase. Because of its high digestibility and energy content, it is the excellent meal for an easy transition from milk to pelleted food. The product is available at, among others, pet stores, garden centers and various webshops.

Pride of Prins

As a Dutch family business, Prins is enormously proud to have won this award, says Marlou Mulders, commercial manager at Prins. “We are happy that we have given many kittens a good start with this food for over fifty years. We hope we can continue this and make many more kittens and owners happy in the future. The title 'Best Product of the Year' shows that the VitalCare Kitten is still a success formula, and we are very proud of that!”

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