Prins Petfoods offers the Prins Health Coach training project to educate coaches who can help with all daily affairs related to pets.

As an accessible adviser to pet owners, a Prins Health Coach can provide individual guidance and practical advice on issues such as education, behaviour, nutrition, health, animal welfare and safety.

For everyone

Everyone who is professionally active in the pet industry, for example pet shop employees, dog school owners, groomers and breeders, can apply for the intake that precedes the Health Coach training course set up by Prins, a Dutch family run company that specializes in natural dog and cat food. An international (English) version of the training will be available in 2021. The training course, with different forms of education, takes approximately one year and covers a total of 132 study hours, which includes 64 hours of self-study.


All gained knowledge is directly applicable, so that the participants can immediately benefit from it in practice. Prins Heath Coaches become part of a large knowledge network. They can also participate in collective return days.

Broad knowledge

In addition to issues such as nutrition, behaviour, housing, care and breeds, Health Coaches also gain knowledge about medical issues, dog sports & leisure, laws and regulations, dealing with mourning and the positive effects of pets on people. The training takes 15 months on average. In addition to practical days, modules can also be followed via e-learning.

Prins Health Coach training

All further information, e.g. costs, can be found on As sharing knowledge is one of the core values of Prins, the company accounts for the majority of the training costs.