Prins loves working with breeders who share our passion for animals, and who, like us, value knowledge, quality, and animal welfare. Welcome to the Prins Breeders Club

Prins offers breeders:

  • A complete range of high-grade 100% natural feed.
  • Special breeder prices.
  • Free luxury puppy or kitten packages with small packs of kibble (1.5 kg for cats and 2 or 3 kg for dogs) and fun extras to give puppies and kittens a head start.
  • Free care packages for the mother.
  • Free custom advice for new owners.
  • Professional guidance from the experts at the Prins CareTeam.
  • Promotional support, such as business cards featuring owned animal(s).

A Prins breeder:

  • Prioritizes the animals' well-being.
  • Is a member of an approved dog or cat club (kennel registration 'Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied' in the Netherlands for dog breeders).
  • Aims to produce one litter per year.

Prins offers their partners various support options. Tailor-made guidance is one of our main tasks. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us. We will then contact you within a few days to go through the possibilities.