0 to 1 year of age

Hooray, a new housemate! A puppy can be great fun and if you provide the right amount of care, attention and friendship, you will be friends for life. Your dog remains a puppy appoximately until it reaches its first birthday. During this period it still needs to learn lots of things!

Nutrition guide

Find out in a few steps which Prins-feed best suits your pet. For a personal advice you can contact our CareTeam.

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  • Puppy, small (< 10kg)
  • Puppy, average
  • Puppy, large (> 25kg)
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Extra attention for grooming

You can never start too soon with grooming your puppy's coat, nails, ears, eyes and teeth...
that's right; 'catch them young'!

  • Check the eyes and ears of your puppy regularly. Are they clean?
  • Cut your pup's nails if necessarily with a special nail clipper.
  • Even though your puppy still has short fur: gently start to groom your pet.
  • If you pup is loosing it's teeth, it wants only one thing: chewing!