Prins Train & Care Dog

Prins Train & Care is a reward cream in a tube that you can use when training and taking care of your dog, or simply as a tasty pampering moment in between. 


Full of useful ingredients as a source of protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and fibers. The recipe has been composed to ensure a smooth texture, making it easy to squeeze the cream from the tube.

The benefits of

Prins Train & Care

Perfect for dog training on the go.
Perfect for dosing.
Guide or distract your pet by focusing its attention on the tube.
No more crumbs and dirty hands.
A delicious reward for dog training and care.

When is

Prins Train & Care appropriate?

  • A delicious reward for dog training and care
  • Good for distraction
  • A tasty snack

Prins Train & Care Dog products

Prins Train & Care Dog
100% natural cream treat for dogs