Prins TotalCare Diet

Prins TotalCare Diet complete frozen raw meat based dietetic foods approach natural food as close as possible. Raw meat significantly contributes to a healthy gastointestinal tract.


The TotalCare Diet food range consists of meat slices composed with approximately 75 percent raw meat ingredients. They are composed from premium quality horse meat or beef, supplemented by potato, vegetables, oils and fats, vitamins and minerals. Raw food is highly digestible, ensuring an optimal absorption of nutrients. And on top of that, dogs absolutely love raw meat!

The advantages of

Prins TotalCare Diet

Natural and tasty food that is close to your dog’s nature.
Responsible treats as a variation to your dog’s daily dry food.
High quality meat, vitamins and minerals for a balanced meal.
High content of meat.
Easily digestible food. High digestibility reduces the amount of feces.
High acceptance, even for picky eaters.
Supports the intestinal flora and the production of enzymes which ensure a good digestion.
Easy to dose and to prepare due to the usage of meat slices.
Free of artificial aromatics, colourants and flavourings.
Wheat (gluten) and grain-free.
Scientifically proven and developed in collaboration with veterinarians, scientists and universities.

When to use

Prins TotalCare Diet? 

  • In case of joint issues
  • In case of gastrointestinal issues
  • In case of skin and coat issues

Prins TotalCare Diet dog products

Prins TotalCare Diet dog
Compleet raw food specifically for adult dogs with joint issues
Prins TotalCare Diet dog
Compleet raw food specifically for dogs with skin and coat issues