Prins SportCare

Prins SportCare recognizes the variety of sports dogs engage in, each with its own physical and mental challenges. Choosing the right food is crucial for their performance, tailored to the demands of their sport, whether it's about speed, endurance, or strength.


The pressed SportCare foods are nutritionally balanced and adapted to the sports activity concerned. For instance, racing dogs mainly use carbohydrates as their energy source, while dogs that cover long distances need a food with an increased fat content to improve their endurance. In addition, all SportCare foods contain ingredients that support your dog’s joints, metabolism and resistance for optimal support.

The benefits of

Prins SportCare

Concentrated food reduces the stress on the stomach, making them very suitable for sporting dogs.
Balanced for every (semi) professional sporting dog.
Unique ingredients for extra support of the joints, metabolism and resistance
100% natural food, no added synthetic aromas, colourings or flavourings.
Highly digestible, less faeces.
High quality ingredients like chicken and turkey, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals to provide the right support.

When is

Prins SportCare appropriate?

  • Racing & Sprint
    Greyhound racing and coursing
  • Working & Endurance
    Sled dogs, working dogs used for hunting and rescue work
  • Running & Trail
    Agility, canicross, doggy dance, dog frisbee, flyball, hunting, bitework, tracking, treibball and water sports

Prins SportCare products

Prins SportCare
Pressed food for sporting dogs with periods of short (peak) activity
Prins SportCare
Pressed food for sporting dogs with periods of intermediate activity
Prins SportCare
Pressed food for sporting dogs with long periods of sustained activity

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Our professional SportCare feeds are not available in the pet shop, but can be ordered trough Prins. Are you interested in SportCare Running & Trail, SportCare Working & Endurance or SportCare Racing & Sprint? Request more information trough this form.