Prins Protection Croque

(Medium)large dogs require that little bit extra because of their build and lifestyle. They can be more sensitive to digestion, muscle, joint and heart problems. The crunchy Prins Protection Croque kibble provides the right preventative support from puppy to senior.


Protection Croque is specifically tailored to meet the needs of (medium)large dogs (> 25 kg) and is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics, herbs, Schüssler cell salts and other supportive ingredients for a healthy intestinal flora, supple muscles and joints and a healthy heart function. Schüssler cell salts are not actual salts, but substances (minerals) found in the body. To provide body cells with the right materials needed to function properly, these cells need to present in a certain amount in the body.


The benefits of

Prins Protection Croque

Ideal for dogs of medium to large breeds.
Crunchy kibble shape promotes chewing.
First feed with Schussler’s cell salts for the right amount of preventative support
Unique ingredients. Such as prebiotics and probiotics.
High digestibility.
Contains no synthetic aromatics, flavourants or colourants.
Ideal for dogs active in sports
Suitable for every age.

When is

Prins Protection Croque appropriate?

  • For (medium) larger dogs
  • Suitable for every age
  • Specifically for conscious dog owners that want to offer their pet more

Prins Protection Croque products

Prins Protection Croque
Extruded food for puppies and junior dogs of medium to large breeds