Protection Croque Mini Junior Performance is an extruded kibble for puppies and young dogs, from 4 weeks to approximately 12 months of age. This complete food contributes to healthy growth, a properly functioning immune system and optimal development of bones and joints. In addition, the food is enriched salmon oil, FOS, probiotics, herbal extracts and Schüssler cell minerals.

  • Growing dog.
    Nutrients and energy are vital for growing puppies. Proteins contribute to the development of muscle mass. Adjusted calcium and phosphorus levels support healthy skeletal develoment.
  • Supports the teeth.
    The food contains special minerals (hexametaphosphate) that help to reduce the formation of dental tartar.
  • High fat content for puppies and junior dogs.
    Increased fat content to meet the dietary requirements of young dogs. L-carnitine aids fat metabolism.
  • Healthy intestinal flora.
    Ingredients such as beet pulp, inulin and yucca ensure good stool. Yucca helps to reduce the smell of your dog's stool.
  • Enriched with Probiotics
    Prins Protection line is a unique product range, enriched with probiotics. Next to probiotics, the food also contains prebiotic fibres, to support a healthy intestinal flora.

Nutritional Information

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dehydrated chicken (26%), wheat, corn, sorghum, animal fat (poultry), beet pulp (4%), hydrolysed chicken liver, corn gluten, salmon oil (0.6%), yeast, minerals (potassiumchloride, hexametaphosphate 0.5%), inulin (0.3%), lignocellulose, herb extracts & Schüssler’s cell minerals (eleutherococci radix, mori fructus, dipsasci radix, dioscoreae oppositae rh, polygonati odorati rhi, cuscutae semen, curculiginis rhizoma, pruni mume fructus, ligustici wallichii rhiz, cyperi rhizoma, Schüssler’s cell minerals no. 1, 2, 5, 7) (0.05%), glucosamine (500mg), chondroitin (500mg), yucca schidigera extract (200mg).


Moisture 8.0%, Crude protein 25.0%, Crude fat 17.0%, Crude ash 6.5%, Crude fibre 2.5%.


Calcium 1.2%, Phosphorus 1.2%, Potassium 0.7%, Magnesium 0.1%, Sodium 0.4%.


4170 kcal/kg

Available in: 
2 kg

Protection Croque Mini JUNIOR Performance can be given dry and no preparation is needed. Always ensure the availability of fresh drinking water at room temperature. The daily portion of Protection Croque Mini JUNIOR Performance should be divided into at least 2-3 meals a day. For the occasional treat, you can offer your dog Prins TotalCare or Prins NatureCare. These are healthy, natural meat meals for your dog! Additional foods are not recommended. Mix an increasing amount of the new food with the current food over a minimum of 7 days until you have switched completely.

Preventive support

Our Prins Protection Croque Mini foods contain unique ingredients for extra protection and the right amount of preventive support. They provide that little bit extra for your pet to restore its balance and maintain it.