A healthy balance

Active dogs of medium and large breeds, due to their build and lifestyle, often just need that little extra attention and support. These dogs are prone to age faster than smaller breeds with associated problems in areas such as digestion, muscles, joints or heart, while also more at risk of over-feeding. Prins ProCare Protection is a 100% natural pressed dog food in five variants with unique ingredients for dogs from around 25 kilos and upward, designed to provide the right preventative support. 


The Prins ProCare Protection range is especially designed and balanced to meet the needs of dogs of medium to large breeds and is enriched with prebiotics, probiotics, Schüssler cell salts and other supportive ingredients for a healthy digestion, muscles, joints or heart. Schüssler cell salts are not salts, but minerals. They are needed, in sufficient amounts, in order to supply the body with the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy bodily functions.

The benefits of

Prins ProCare Protection

An irresistible kibble.
Specially adapted kibble shape to improve chewing.
Pressed kibble: concentrated nutrition, less heavy on the stomach.
Sizes fine-tuned for medium and large sized dogs.
Excellent digestibility.
100% natural and free of synthetic odour, colouring or flavouring additives.
The first feed to contain Schüssler cell salts and herbs for unique preventive support.
Unique ingredients. Such as prebiotics and probiotics.

When is

Prins Procare Protection appropriate?

  • For medium and large sized dogs
  • For sporty dogs
  • Specifically for conscious dog owners that want to offer their pet more

Prins ProCare Protection products

Prins ProCare Protection
Pressed kibble for growing and active medium to large breed dogs. Also recommended for adult female dogs during gestation and lactation
Prins ProCare Protection
Pressed kibble for adult medium to large breed dogs with sensitive skin and coat
Prins ProCare Protection
Pressed kibble for neutered medium to large breed dogs