Prins ProCare Grainfree

Some dogs display a sensitivity to grains and will benefit from a grainfree diet. Prins has complete and balanced grainfree pressed kibble for dogs of all breeds and ages.


The grainfree feed line does not contain wheat, rice, corn or other grains. The grains are replaced with vegetables such as potatoes, peas and tapioca. As well as grainfree pressed kibble, Prins has grainfree fresh meat-based meals in a sausage shape that are storable without refrigeration. Prins also has frozen fresh meat-based meals that are grainfree.

The benefits of

Prins ProCare Grainfree

100% natural feed. Free of synthetic odour, colouring or flavouring additives and contains only natural antioxidants.
Premium ingredients such as poultry, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals ensure high-quality feed.
Concentrated feed that is easy on the stomach.
The highly digestible feed reduces defecation frequency.
Ideal for fussy eaters.
Pressing at low temperatures optimally preserves the ingredients' favourable properties and conserves the nutrients present.

When is

Prins ProCare Grainfree appropriate?

  • Easy on the stomach
  • Suitable for dogs with a grain sensitivity
  • Suitable for dogs in every life phase

Prins ProCare Grainfree products

Prins ProCare Grainfree
Grain-free food especially recommended for adult dogs to promote a healthy, shiny skin and coat
Prins ProCare Grainfree
A grain-free dog food for growing and active adult dogs
Prins ProCare Grainfree
Grain-free food for adult dogs with a sensitive digestive system