Prins ProCare Croque

The Prins ProCare Croque line consists of complete crunchy kibble that is suitable for pups to seniors. The size and shape of the crunchy kibble promote chewing, consequently ensuring an optimum nutritional intake. Prins ProCare Croque feed is highly digestible. 


It has the same composition and premium raw materials as the pressed feed, but it's made according to a different preparation process that results in crunchy kibble with a range of shapes possible. The crunchy kibble is harder and therefore very suitable for 'gulpers', also ideal for dogs predisposed to dental plaque. 

The benefits of

Prins ProCare Croque

Highly suitable for 'gulpers'.
Excellent digestibility.
Helps prevent dental plaque and tartar.
Various kibble shapes available.
Premium ingredients such as poultry, salmon oil, vitamins and minerals ensure high-quality feed.
100% natural and free of synthetic odour, colouring or flavouring additives.
Appetising taste.

When is

Prins ProCare Croque appropriate?

Prins ProCare Croque products

Prins ProCare Croque
Extruded food for growing and active adult dogs
Prins ProCare Croque
Extruded food for adult dogs
Prins ProCare Croque
Extruded food for adult dogs with a senstive skin and coat