For pups and/or mature dogs

The food contains 81% duck, and fresh vegetables and fruit that supply the fibres that are indispensable for good intestinal flora. The food is mono-protein, which means that the meat meal only contains duck as the animal protein source. This makes the food suitable for sensitive dogs. This food is available as 1-kilogram sausages or 750-gram bags with 50-gram slices.

Wheat-gluten free
This complete and balanced diet does not contain any wheat, rice, corn or other cereals.
This food contains duck as the only animal protein source, which reduces the chances of a
With fruit and vegetables
Vegetables and fruit as the natural source of nutritional fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Information

  • Composition
  • Directions
  • Amount per day
  • Transfer
Crude protein12.5%
Crude fat15.2%
Crude ash3.2%
Crude fibre1.0%
Energy value
1960 kcal/kg

Duck 81% (fleshed back, meat, skin, heart, liver), poraro protein, beet pulp (dried), chicory pulp (dried), spinach, apple, carrot, parsnip, fissh oil, minerals.

Available in: 
750 gr
1 kg

FreshCare Duck is a complete raw food for dogs of all ages. Thaw in a cool place. After thawing, the food should be used within 2 days and kept in the refrigerator. Do not refreeze. It is best to serve this food at room temperature. Contents can be served raw. No further preparation is required. The daily portion should be divided into at least two meals a day. The feed can be offered as a main meal or as change to the regular feeding routine. FreshCare Duck is excellent to use in combination with kibbles. Preferably do not give raw food and kibbles in one day. Always provide fresh drinking water at room temperature in a permanently accessible place. No supplemental food recommended. 

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Current body weight   Puppy, 1-3 months Puppy, 4-6 months Puppy, 7-12 months   Adult/senior
Kilogram   Slices (ca. 50g) per day   Slices (ca. 50g) per day
2.5   3.5 3.5 3   2
5   6.5 5.5 4.5   3.5
10   12.5 10 8   5.5
15   17 14 11   8
20   - 17.5 14   9.5
25   - 22 17   11.5
30   - 24.5 19.5   13
40   - 29.5 24   16
50   - - 28   19
Current body weight   Puppy, 1-3 months Puppy, 4-6 months Puppy, 7-12 months   Adult/senior
Kilogram   Grams per dag   Grams per dag
2.5   175 175 150   100
5   325 275 225   175
10   625 500 400   275
15   850 700 550   400
20   - 875 700   475
25   - 1100 850   575
30   - 1225 975   650
40   - 1475 1200   800
50   - - 1400   950

It is recommended that you do not give your dog kibble and fresh meat on the same day. Instead, give your dog meat on several consecutive days. This benefits your dog’s digestive system. If this is the first time your dog is given fresh meat, it is best to lightly cook the meat for the first two days to allow your dog’s digestive system to get used to the raw meat. After this you can administer the thawed meat raw at room temperature.

100% natural feed

Al our products are 100% natural and free from animal testing. We don't use artificial aromatics, colourants or flavourings and only work with ingredients of high quality, originating from reliable partners.