Prins FreshCare

Prins FreshCare totally frozen fresh meals are the closest thing to a natural diet as possible. Frozen fresh meat is an important contributor to a healthy gastrointestinal tract. The Prins FreshCare foods are a 100% natural and complete meat menu line for dogs of all ages. For those who prefer to feed their dog fresh meat.


The Prins FreshCare foods contain fresh ingredients: raw meat and organ meats, vegetables and fruit, fish oil, vitamins and minerals. All FreshCare menus contain at least 81 percent meat. Fresh vegetables and fruit supply the fibres that are indispensable for good intestinal flora that are often overlooked in fresh meat diets. FreshCare is a truly complete diet. It contains everything your dog needs!



The benefits of

Prins FreshCare

Natural and tasty foods that are close to the natural diets of dogs
High-quality meat, vegetables and fruit
Mono-protein or multi-protein
Easily digestible diet
Supports the intestinal flora
No aromas, colourings and flavourings
Responsible treats offering variation from the daily kibble diet
High meat content
Easy to divide into doses; 50-gram slices for small dogs and 1-kilogram sausages for larger dogs
Wheat gluten-free or cereal-free

When is

Prins FreshCare appropriate?

  • For good intestinal flora
  • For owners who like to see what they are feeding
  • Every day or as a healthy change

Prins FreshCare products

Prins FreshCare
FreshCare Lamb is a complete raw meat menu with lamb.
Prins FreshCare
FreshCare Duck is a complete raw meat menu with duck.
Prins FreshCare
FreshCare Beef & Chicken is a complete raw meat menu with beef and chicken.
Prins FreshCare
FreshCare Chicken is a complete raw meat menu with chicken