Prins Fit Selection

The Prins Fit Selection line consists of complete, healthy food that contains high-quality and highly digestible ingredients, ideally suited to keep the family dog in optimum condition. The appetising crunchy kibble promotes chewing, so the feed is better ingested.


Prins Fit Selection is available for dogs in four varieties: Puppy & Junior, Chicken & Rice, Salmon & Rice, Lamb & Rice and Senior. The crunchy kibble is harder and therefore very suitable for 'gulpers', also ideal for dogs predisposed to dental plaque. 

The benefits of

Prins Fit Selection

Highly suitable for the family dog.
Excellent digestibility.
Tasty varieties.
Highly suitable for 'gulpers'.

When is

Prins Fit Selection appropriate?

  • Highly suitable for 'gulpers'
  • Ideal for the family dog
  • Appetising taste

Prins Fit Selection dog products

Prins Fit Selection dog
Extruded kibble for puppies and junior dogs