For dogs with urinary tract problems

ProCare Croque Veterinary Diet Urinary is a extruded dry food for dissolving struvite bladder stones in adult dogs and to prevent struvite and calcium oxalate bladder stones. This diet has an optimal composition to dissolve struvite bladder stones. In addition, the diet contains an adjusted mineral balance to prevent the reoccurrence of bladder stones. Cranberries contribute to a healthy environment in the bladder.

Dissolves struvite bladder stones
An optimal composition, such as the addition of ammonium chloride, helps dissolve struvite bladder stones
Prevents calcium oxalate and struvite bladder stones
A reduced calcium content helps prevent the recurrence of calcium oxalate bladder stones. A reduced protein content and a specially adapted mineral balance, such as reduced magnesium and phosphorus, help prevent the recurrence of struvite
Promotes a healthy bladder environment
The addition of ingredients such as cranberries contributes to a healthy bladder environment

Nutritional Information

  • Composition
  • Directions
  • Amount per day
  • Transfer
  • Additional advice
Crude protein18.0%
Crude fat18.0%
Crude ash3.1%
Crude fibre1.5%
Total vitaminD 2070IE
Ammonium chloride3000mg/kg
Energy content
4396 kcal/kg

Rice, corn, animal protein extract, animal fats (poultry), barley, hydrolysed chicken liver, salmon oil, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, linseed oil, cranberries (0.5%), inulin, choline chloride, yucca schidigera extract.

Available in: 
3 kg
10 kg

ProCare Croque Veterinary Diet URINARY Struvite & Calciumoxalate can be fed dry. Preparation is not necessary. Always ensure your dog has access to clean drinking water at room temperature. Divide the daily ration of ProCare Croque Veterinary Diet URINARY Struvite & Calciumoxalate over at least two meals a day. Do you want to give your dog an extra treat now and then? Give your dog Prins NatureCare Dog Struvite & Calciumoxalate one or more days in succession. This is a healthy and 100% natural meat diet that dogs love! It is better not to give your dog any other supplementary food.

Storage advice
Keep the food cool and dry and close the packaging after use. Tip: use a properly lockable storage drawer and clean it well before opening a new package. Keep these packaging details to know exactly which food to give your dog! 

Current body weight (kg) Minimal (grams/day)   Recommended amount (grams/day) Maximum (grams/day)
2.5 45 55 65
5 75 95 105
10 130 160 180
15 175 215 245
20 215 270 300
25 255 320 355
30 290 365 410
35 325 410 460
40 360 450 505
45 395 495 555
50 430 535 600
60 490 615 685
70 550 690 770
80 610 760 850

It would be preferable if you could get your dog used to the new diet in one go. If your dog needs more time to get used to the new diet, mix increasing amounts of the new food with the old food over a period of seven days until you have entirely switched to the new diet. Warning: in some cases, transitioning to the new diet can result in a disturbance of the intestinal flora and the stool could look slightly different to how it normally looks. This is nothing serious and in most cases the stool will look normal again within three days.

• Encourage water intake. Drinking insufficient water increases the risk of bladder stone formation.

• Divide the daily ration over several meals a day. • Walk your dog regularly. Withholding urination gives an increased risk of the formation of bladder stones.

• Feeding extras, such as treats, snacks, cheese, bread or other table scraps, is strongly discouraged. Extra snacks can influence urine acidity and increase the risk of bladder stones.

• If your dog has bladder stones due to a bacterial infection, your veterinarian can prescribe antibiotics. In the event of many stones or large stones, they will have to be removed through surgery.

100% natural diet food
Our specially composed dietetic foods have been scientifically proven, and developed in collaboration with veterinarians, scientists and universities. They are completely safe for your pet, even when used for longer periods of time.