For dogs with urinary tract issues

NatureCare Diet Dog Struvite & Calciumoxalate is a (natural) dietetic wet food specially for dogs with urinary tract issues. This special dietetic food has been developed in collaboration with veterinarians and has both dissolving and preventing qualities. In addition, this dietetic food prevents recurrence of struvite and calcium oxalate bladder crystals. A wet food promotes the absorption of fluids in dogs, which increases the amount of urine. As a result, the concentration of minerals that crystallize will be reduced which helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract.  

Dissolves struvite bladder crystals
Enables the dissolution of struvite bladder crystals
Prevents recurrence of struvite and calcium oxalate bladder stones
Adjusted mineral balance and reduced protein content help prevent the recurrence of struvite and calcium oxalate bladder stones
Supports a healthy urinary tract
The addition of cranberries contribute to a healthy urinary tract

Nutritional Information

  • Composition
  • Directions
  • Amount per day
Crude protein7.4%
Crude fat6.5%
Crude ash1.5%
Crude fibre0.3%
Total of vitamin D520IE/kg
Energy content
1253 kcal/kg

Poultry heart, poultry meat, poultry stomach, beef heart, beef liver, rice, potato, cranberries (3%), salmon oil, linseed oil, minerals (sodium chloride, calcium chloride). 

Available in: 
400 gr

Once opened, this food can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days. Serve at room temperature. No further preparation is needed. Spread the daily portion over at least two meals per day. This food can be used as a main meal or as an alternative to our extruded diet food. Always ensure there is fresh drinking water at room temperature available. Any other supplemented foods are not recommended. The special dietary function is solving struvite crystals and/or reducing oxalate crystals formation. Essential nutritional features: urine-acidifying properties, reduced protein content, low vitamin D-, calcium and magnesium content and urine-alkalising properties. Recommended period of use: for the purpose of solving struvite bladder crystals: 5-12 weeks. To reduce recurrent formation of struvite bladder crystals and calcium oxalate: 6 months at maximum. It is recommended that veterinarian advice is sought prior to using the product. Negative indications: puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs, other forms of bladder crystals, heart and/or kidney problems.

  Low activity High activity
Body weight (kg)

Amount (grams/day)  

Amount (400 grams tin/day)  

Amount (grams/day)  

Amount (400 grams tin/day)  

2.5 160 1/2 220 2/3
5 265 2/3 375 1   
10 450 1    630 1 1/2
15 610 1 1/2 850 2   
20 755 2    1055 2 2/3
25 890 2 1/4 1250 3   
30 1025 2 1/2 1430 2 1/2
35 1150 3    1610 4   
40 1270 3 1/4 1775 4 2/3
45 1385 3 1/2 1940 4 3/4
50 1500 3 3/4 2100 5 1/4
60 1720 4 1/3 2410 6   
70 1930 4 3/4 2705 6 3/4
80 2135 5 1/3 2990 7 1/2

100% natural diet food

Our specially composed diet foods have been scientifically proven, and developed in collaboration with veterinarians, scientists and universities. They are completely safe for your pet, even when used for longer periods of time.