Dog obedience schools

Dog obedience schools, breeding associations and cynologist clubs can also become a partner of Prins. That involves more than just food; it is also about guidance and support, like for instance organising special Prins Fan Days for clubs or about specific breeds. We collaborate with a large group of selected dog obedience schools, which, being a Prins ambassador, support our philosophies and aim at offering their customers 100% natural food for their pets.

Specifically for dog obedience schools we have developed for instance the Prins Lesson Box, a practical box filled with specially selected materials for sports, games and fun training with dogs. It comes with a tutorial guide suggesting dozens of exercises, that can be adapted for practically every type of dog.


Getting the experience of how much fun it is to work together with your pet; that's what Prins is all about! Are you interested in becoming a partner? Please contact us for more information.