Welcome to our world!

At Prins we have a passion for animals. Developing tailor-made, high quality, 100% natural cat and dog food is our specialty, improving the well-being of animals is our mission. We do that in our own expert, personal, conscious, surprising and unique way.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

100% natural
No artifical colours, flavours and aromas
Dutch family company
Quality, knowledge and experience since 1963
Not tested on animals
We stand for animal welfare
We aim to renew and surprise

Strong brand

Prins is a family company. For over more than fifty years, three generations of the Verkade family have been putting their heart and soul into animal food. Prins feels a bit like family to all of our employees. Working from three premises at the Accustraat in Veenendaal, we are -through manufacturing and education, experience-driven motivaton and enthusiasm, building on a strong and fast growing brand, which is also drawing international attention.


Our secret? Prins's culture, where everyone has the same goal; quality first. Quality that goes beyond labels and that we are keen on surpassing, because we are not easily satisfied. Maybe we can change something, or improve. Customers are critical, and they should be. We appreciate mindful and committed people. We want to give the consumers our sincere attention by creating great products for healthy pets and also specifically through good, professional advice.


Pets and their owners always come first at Prins. We are willing to listen and take on a dialogue with the customer. Not from a product perspective, but from the animal's wellbeing. 'Grandpa' Verkade started doing this back in the seventies during his seminars and we continue to do so through the Prins CareTeam, which does exactly what the name says: caring for pets and offering advice to their owners. Other important and innovative tools to help us do this are our education centre Edupet Education and Lifestyle for pets; a unique online platform and TV channel.


At Prins we follow our own paths. We don't allow circumstances to influence our work, and instead always rely on our own strength. Of course we respond to trends, or to colleagues stepping up their game. But always based upon our own visions and expertise, and never in an ordinary way. We prefer to handle everything ourselves and in our unique way. Never losing sight of the humans' and animals' well-being.


At Prins, we don't shy away from innovation and change. We prefer to look beyond borders, which is possible due to our flexibility and small teams. Nutritional consultants, behavioural therapists and teachers cooperate seamlessly in order to make the best advice and guidance possible. Prins is curious. We are keen on both acquiring and sharing knowledge and consult experienced specialists from all over the world to do so.

Standing strong together

Even in this digital day and age, brick-and-mortar stores are still indispensable. Places where we can stay in touch with people and where you as a consumer can really get to know a product, where you can find information, inspiration and advice. That's why we try our best to link the online and offline worlds, where different kinds of service can be combined. Because together we stand strong.

Natural food for dogs and cats

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of making healthy choices when it comes to food and feeding their pets. That's why at Prins, we think before we act. Even when something sounds great from a marketing perspective, we ask ourselves if it's really in the interest of the animal's well-being. We make deliberate choices and focus mainly on health for the future. On food that can help reduce obesity, on menu's that, with the help of the latest techniques, can be optimally tailored to the individual and on exercising together with your pet. We are a way of life.