After a period of preparations, Prins Petfoods will start with the construction of the new Edupet education and animal welfare centre in Lelystad, the Netherlands in April. The centre will house modern practical training facilities for dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals and should be ready by the middle of next year.

The new building will replace the Martin Gaus Animal Hotel in Lelystad and will be linked to the existing building of the Martin Gaus Academy. All education labels of Prins, which specializes in 100% natural food for dogs and cats, will come together in Lelystad.


In addition to educational facilities, the project includes a behavioural centre, day care, grooming salon, a veterinary and animal physiotherapy practice and a Prins Plaza, an outdoor area specially designed for dog activities. Pet owners can book these facilities that will also be used for training, so that practical education really takes place in practice.

Latest techniques

Students can learn about animals both in- and outdoors using the latest techniques. For example, there will be an innovative camera observation system to study animal behaviour. ‘In addition, we also offer refresher courses and further training’, says experience director Mariska van Gelder of Prins which, as a family business, attaches great value to increasing animal welfare by sharing knowledge.


Prins is working on the new building with various and preferably regional construction partners. The animal welfare centre will be built as sustainably as possible. For example, an innovative application such as CO2 absorbable gravel is used in the parking lot, made from a type of stone that removes CO2 from the air.

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