Male dog owners don’t care about fashion, but are annoyed by muddy paws
Survey by Prins Petfoods: mouth masks don’t seem to bother dogs at all
New generation to take the lead at Prins
To work on an even higher level of quality, education and animal welfare
Welkoop Westerbork opens first Pet Health Center of the Netherlands
Knowledge and advice for every pet owner
Prins VitalCare Kitten kibble wins Best Product of the Year
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Martin Gaus Academy strenghtens cat knowledge
Acquisition Cats Academy leads to a broad range of courses
Prins builds large animal welfare center
Prins Plaza serves as an example for the pet industry
Prins Protection enriched with probiotics
For a balanced intestinal flora
Prins Lamb & Rice wins ‘Best Product of the Year’
Fourth victory for Prins Petfoods in major Dutch consumer election
Prins Health Coach training course
Professional education to help with all daily affairs related to pets
Prins Petfoods takes over the Martin Gaus Academie
Education to an even higher level