All Prins feeds are 100% natural. This means we don't use any synthetic aka artificial odorants, colourants or flavourings, antioxidants or preservatives.

In order to ensure the quality and nutritional value of our feeds, we only use natural antioxidants (tocopherols) and preservatives. We want our food to be safe as well as natural. These additives guarantee a long shelf-life and prevent oxidation.

Preventing oxidation

Preventing oxidation is important, because it is one of the most important chemical threats to the quality of feeds. Oxidation causes: 

  • a reduction of vitamine A and E levels in the food.
  • essential fatty acids to be damaged, which may lead to a shortage of these acids.
  • a decrease in the digestibility of the food.
  • a rancid state of food, diminishing the taste rapidly.
  • a chain reaction; the presence of oxidized substances stimulates the process of oxidation.


No matter how natural a food may be, it's important to realise you can not judge the quality of the food by scanning the ingredients printed on the packaging. Providing high quality food requires:

  • using high quality ingredients.
  • a well-balanced composition.
  • a safe manufacturing process.
  • the right packaging and storage of the product.

Want to know more?

At Prins we highly value the above mentioned requirements. That's why we only opt for high value natural raw materials coming from reliable suppliers that we know well. We also have our own laboratory for executing checks and analyses, we apply strict quality systems during the manufacturing process and pay a lot of attention to our packagings. Want to see for yourself how we make our feeds? You can, during our fan days, where you can also find the Prins CareTeam and their nutritional experts to answer all of your questions about food.