On Wednesday, February the 3rd 2021, Welkoop Westerbork opened the first Pet Health Center in the Netherlands. On this location pets and their owners are welcome for advice and consultations. The three Health Coaches who work there are specially trained to provide the best advice or referral by asking the right questions.

Broadening and deepening

These Health Coaches have all completed the Prins Health Coach training. During this training course, the participants' knowledge of dogs and cats is broadened. They learn to give targeted advice, guidance and support to pet owners, and together with all coaches and teachers they form a network that strengthens each other. Nothing better than bringing out the best in each other!  Read more about the training and teaching methods here.

These Health Coaches answer all questions about pet behavior, nutrition, housing and health. For anyone who is thinking of purchasing a pet, the Prins Health Coach is the right person for more guidance in the first year of the future pet's life. Together we can ensure a good start! 

First Pet Health Center in the NetherlandsFirst Pet Health Center in the Netherlands

A helping hand

In addition to being there for the novice pet owner, the Health Coaches offer pets and their owners support in the rest of their lives together. An extra helping hand is always nice and pleasant to rely on with questions or problems. For example, think of a dog that has difficulty eating, or a cat that’s anxious or suffers from skin problems. The Health Coach gives specific advice and guides and supports the pet owner in finding the right solution.

First Pet Health Center in the Netherlands

Well-being of the pet

At the Pet Health Center the well-being of the pet comes first at all times. The pets are checked and examined from head to toe. This way, the Health Coach offers preventive care in order to identify problems early on and thereby prevent aggravation. The pet owner doesn’t have to go to the vet (yet) and can start working with the advice of the Health Coach. Besides that they can, if necessary, be referred to another specialist. The broad knowledge network resulting from the Prins Health Coach training means that they can quickly find the right help and pets and their owners are guaranteed to be in good hands.

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Haspels (Manager Prins Education) on +31(0)615455321 or peter@prinspetfoods.nl.

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