Environmental respect is one of our core values, meaning one of our most important values which we strive to achieve as an organisation. We prefer making responsible choices for the wellbeing of both humans and animals, respectfully handle our environment and promote a responsible and sustainable way of life.

First of all, we obviously produce high quality and completely balanced dog and cat food. Made to the highest quality standards and 100% natural, without any artificial colourants or flavourings and no use of animal testing.

Less packaging materials

We are extra proud of our pressed feeds. Since all nutrients have been pressed in and there is no air in these pellets, pressed kibble takes up less space. We can use the same size packaging for 15 kilos of pressed food that we use for 10 kilos of extruded food, and in a 2 kilo-bag of extruded food we can fit 3 kilos of pressed kibble. That saves approximately 30 percent of packaging materials!

Pressed pellets require a lot less packaging materials!

Less energy and transport

Due to the low temperatures that are used in producing pressed pellets, we save energy compared to producing extruded food. On top of that, more kilos of pressed food fit onto one pallet, which decreases the quantity of transport that is needed.


Prins does no longer use plastics, but paper bags instead and we are creative with finding new utilisation of our packaging. For instance, we have the Prins Giftbox which can be reused as toy and during our workshop 'Prinsheerlijk' we show all sorts of fun activities with empty bags and boxes.

Environmentally friendly

Every Prins location has an electric charging point for vehicles of both employees and customers; this way we are also showing our love for nature and try to minimise our ecological footprint. Or should we say, paw print?