Male dog owners don’t care much about fashion, but they are annoyed by muddy paw prints and dog hair on their clothes. This is evident from a large study by 100% natural dog and cat food company Prins Petfoods in collaboration with men’s fashion store Only for Men and research agency Markteffect, conducted among 1,045 men with dogs in the Netherlands.

According to the study, an average of 37 percent of male dog owners are annoyed by mud and dirt caused by jumping dogs. Another 33 percent find dog hair the number one annoyance when it comes to their pets.

Dogs and mouth masks

The dogs in the survey seem to have little trouble with mouth masks, which are almost a regular part of our outfit nowadays: 90 percent of the respondents indicate that their dog does not respond to the mouth masks their owners are wearing. Some 78 percent of the dogs do not respond by barking, jumping or growling to any item of clothing at all.

Mostly casual

The average male dog owner mostly wears casual clothes, also when he goes to work. It is therefore not surprising that 39 percent of the respondents do not consider specially developed clothing for dogs owners necessary. Three out of ten men would like to add a jacket with enough pockets for necessities such as treats and poo bags to their wardrobe. It is striking that only 16 percent would like to have special outdoor pants from which you can easily rinse those annoying muddy paws.

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