Hot off the press! At Prins, within just one day we manufacture a complete food from different raw materials, which (once all necessary quality checks have been done and the kibble has been packaged) will be ready for transport to our customers within a week.

We welcome you to take a look behind the scenes!


Being a GMP+ certified manufacturer not only the raw materials, but also the suppliers and transport at Prins needs to meet the requirements of the GMP-standard. GMP is short for Good Manufacturing Practice; a quality system that guarantees food safety, among other things. The quality of all of the used raw materials is similar to what would be used in products for human consumption.

Always fresh

A quality check employee goes through the raw materials that are delivered to us to see is they meet all the requirements. Only after it gets approved, the shipment can be unloaded and put in the storeroom. We can guarantee freshness of stock by using strict stock management, for instance by keeping a minimal stock, purchasing by demand and using the ‘First In First Out’ system.


We always use fixed recipes. A computer then calculates the exact doses of raw material we need per recipe. When all raw materials have been approved, the manufacturing process can begin. This way we are always able to trace back which raw materials ended up in which bag.

Final check

After manufacturing, the kibble is collected in a ‘big bag’ and sent tot he storeroom for packaging. Right away, a sample is taken to our own laboratory for various analyses. Only after the complete product has been approved by our quality checker, the batch in question will be released for packaging. Every bag is imprinted with the production date and batch code. Only then are our products ready to leave the building.