Prins Petfoods is the winner of the GlobalPETS Forum Award 2018, an international prize awarded annually to a company that has achieved an extraordinary performance in the pet sector.

Prins received the prestigious prize on 25 January in Venice, Italy during the GlobalPETS Forum Europe 2018, an international conference for professionals in the pet sector.


Prins receives the GlobalPETS Forum Award for its unique customer-oriented omnichannel approach. Seventeen years ago, the Veenendaal family business, specialised in 100% natural animal nutrition, took a new approach. In addition to its production company that has been operating since 1963, Prins took the necessary steps towards a consumer-oriented organisation that is ready for, listens to and connects with the customer through all possible channels. Winning this award proves that Prins chose the right approach at the time.

Focus on the customer

Through a well-thought-out omnichannel approach, Prins wants to present a consistent brand experience for the contemporary consumer who is always online and seeking critical information, inspiration and advice. A focus on the customer is realised by, among others, deploying and combining online channels, special fan days with factory tours, consumer panels, organising events, appealing marketing and visibility in the specialised sales points and a free expert advice team. In doing so, the various customer profiles that distinguish Prins are taken into account as much as possible. Its very own EduPet education centre and a new visitor centre complete the picture and demonstrate what Prins means by quality, innovation, knowledge sharing and a passion for animal welfare.