Prins Petfoods wins again:  Prins ProCare Standard Fit compressed kibble food won the award for the 'Best Product of the Year 2017-2018'.

The Best Product of the Year election is one of the largest consumer elections in the Netherlands, where consumers decide what the best products are according to them.  Prins won the title in the animal feed category.  Prins ProCare Super Active compressed kibble food won the 'Best Product of the Year 2015-2016'.

Standard Fit

Prins ProCare Standard Fit is a completely pressed food for adult dogs up to the age of eight, with a medium level of energy use.  Thanks to an adjusted energy content, this diet helps castrated dogs and dogs who are not active in sports for example, maintain an optimal condition.  Carefully selected ingredients contribute to a healthy skin and shiny coat, an optimal digestion and balanced intestinal flora.

Market leader

Prins is the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to pressed dog food.  The three best sellers are Prins ProCare Super Active, for growing and active adult dogs in the prime of their lives, Prins ProCare Standard Fit, for adult dogs with medium energy use and Prins ProCare Lamb & Rice Hypoallergic, for adult dogs with a sensitive skin and coat.


The preparation of the compressed food takes place at a relatively low temperature, so that all nutrients are retained and optimally used.  Because all the nutrients are pressed together and there is no air in the food, the compressed kibble takes up less space. This ensures a lower stomach load and very good digestability.  And, just as important: dogs really like the taste of Prins compressed kibble.