The Prins Protection lines for dogs and all pressed puppy food now contain probiotics. These are good bacteria that naturally occur in a good intestinal flora. We are happy to tell you more!

Intestinal flora

Your dog's intestinal flora is very important. Nutrients are digested and absorbed in the intestines. Extra intestinal support can help your dog with digestion! The digestion is supported by the bacteria present in the intestine, which we call the intestinal flora. If the intestinal flora is not balanced, then you can imagine that the digestion isn’t optimal either. It is therefore extra important to give your dog the right support. In most of the Prins feeds you will find extra intestinal support in the form of prebiotics, but probiotics can also have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. In the Protection food for dogs we already used prebiotics, but now they also are enriched with probiotics!

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are natural dietary fibers such as chicory and Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS), which have a positive effect on the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and ensure a healthy intestinal flora. Prebiotics are somewhat different from probiotics. Prebiotics are non-digestible dietary fibers that stimulate the intestinal flora and therefore support health. Probiotics are living microorganisms that contribute to a good intestinal flora. Prebiotics are a nutritional source for probiotics. The probiotics are also added to the Protection feeds.

What about probiotics?

There is a dizzyingly amount of bacteria in the intestines that help an animal stay healthy. These organisms help to digest food and protect against pathogens. Probiotics are living bacteria that can have a positive effect on a pet’s health. To give nature a helping hand when needed, we have added Bacillus subtilis to our protection food. These bacteria are inactive in the food and only come into action in the intestinal system. Bacillus subtilis provides support by using oxygen in the large intestine. This allows good bacteria that do not need oxygen to grow better and gives pathogens less chance to grow.


Tip: The Prins Protection food can also be varied with frozen fresh meat, which also has a healthy effect on the intestinal flora. Because the meat is not heated, the good bacteria in the food are retained.