Prins Petfoods is building a large animal welfare center under the name, Prins Plaza in Lelystad/the Netherlands that can serve as an example and new standard for the entire pet industry.

Sharing knowledge with consumers and animal professionals is one of the most important core values of Prins. With the recent takeover of the Martin Gaus Academy and the Martin Gaus pet hotel in Lelystad a dream comes true for us.

Meeting center

Prins Plaza will not only offer education and good animal care, but must also become a meeting center where people with a distance to the job market will have the opportunity to develop their qualities and where elderly people can continue to enjoy animals. We want to prevent loneliness by linking the elderly to a pet, thereby fully unburdening them by offering help with nutrition and health checks.

Prins Plaza Example

Prins Plaza


The center will accommodate various forms of animal shelter and several health, well-being, community and education facilities. Some examples are a medical animal hotel with rehabilitation center, a sniffing garden for dogs, a dog and cat café and a social education center. The current Martin Gaus pet hotel will undergo a phased renovation for this. According to plan Prins Plaza will be well underway by mid-2021.

Optimal combination

Prins Plaza makes it possible to put the theory learned at the Martin Gaus Academy into practice at the animal welfare center. In this way, animal professionals in training can benefit from an optimal combination of theory and hands-on practice.