For the election of 'Best Product of the Year 2020-2021' Prins Petfoods is nominated again in the category ‘animal nutrition’. The VitalCare Kitten food will be judged in the field of product presentation, user satisfaction and the price-quality ratio.

The VitalCare Kitten nutrition contributes to a healthy growth, an optimal development of bones and joints and the support of the immune system. This makes these crispy kibbles suitable for both kittens and pregnant cats. The Prins VitalCare Kitten is also part of our Prins VitalCare line, suitable for the most fussy cats. The products are gluten free and easy to digest, which makes for less stools.

Natural food
Like all other animal nutrition products of Prins, the VitalCare Kitten is 100 percent natural and without the use of laboratory animals. At Prins we don't use synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors and we only work with high quality ingredients.

The election
In the election for the 'Best Product of the Year', 'King Customer' is their main target. These are product users who can review articles online and give their opinions. This ensures that the election has become one of the largest consumer elections in the Netherlands.

Cast your vote as well!
Are you familiar with Prins VitalCare Kitten and are you satisfied with this product? Of course we really want to win this prize, so quickly cast your vote through the website of Best Product of the Year. You still have until Tuesday the 19th of November.