Prins Petfoods is Vitesse’s newest shirt sponsor. The unveiling of the new shirt took place during the 125th anniversary of the football club from Arnhem.   What do football and 100% natural animal feeds have in common? It might be more than you would think. Prins and Vitesse have lots of common ground; like exercise, awareness of health, innovation and investing in the future (for instance through youth).

Prins, now being the shirt sponsor, is the successor of the company Smipe, which has adorned the backsides of Vitesse’s shirts for the past 2,5 years. Prins and Vitesse signed a 3-year contract. Wil Mulders, CEO of Prins Petfoods, believes in the way Vitesse presents itself. ‘We were specifically looking for a regional partner company that we could identify to as well as raising our company’s public profile.’

Common ground

Both companies’ visions share lots of common ground, in which exercise and awareness of health are key elements. ‘For Prins, innovation is essential too and we are very willing to invest in people and our future’, says Wil Mulders. 'We want to create an experience around our product, just like football is an experience, and our goal is to make our consumers into real fans. Animal feeds and football might seem like an odd combination at first, but looking at the values both Prins and Vitesse share, it actually makes perfect sense.'

Exercise and health awareness are crucial.

Focus on youth

'We have had a warm relationship with Prins Petfoods for a long time now’, says Willem van der Linden, Vitesse’s sales manager, about teaming up with Prins.'For instance, Prins is already partner of Vitesse’s Football Academy, and we are currently working intensively on a joint plan to draw our youth closer to football. This new sponsorship will even further deepen and intensify our collaberation with Prins. An exciting step!