Together with child and family coach and dog behaviour therapist Cindy van Dorst of ‘Dierbare Ontmoetingen’, Prins Petfoods published a unique booklet about how to make the lives of dogs and kids that are living together easier, safer and more fun.  

The booklet is part of a major campaign aimed at kids and animals that Dutch family company Prins is launching this month. Although we know a lot about children and dogs, still 75,000 children are bitten by dogs every year in the Netherlands. Preventing problems by never leaving a dog and a child alone together is a much given advice. However, the vast majority of incidents happen under supervision of an adult.  

We can do better!

That is why Prins published ‘Vriendjes voor het leven’ (‘Friends for life’), an attractive booklet full of practical information and valuable advice to prevent problems between kids and dogs. The booklet does not focus on what you should not do, but mainly on what you can do to manage child-dog interactions.  

How to recognize and prevent risk situations? How to read the dog’s stress signals and act in time? How to respond best in all kind of child-dog situations? And how to strengthen the wonderful relationship between dog and child through play? 

This booklet covers it all. ‘Vriendjes voor het leven’ will be available free of charge with the purchase of a Prins dog food product in Dutch pet stores participating in the campaign. More information can be found here (in Dutch).

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