After the successful launch of EduPet, the education centre for pet owners and professionals, Dutch family business Prins Petfoods in Veenendaal now also hosts EduVet, a unique veterinary training centre.

EduVet brings together several special veterinary services that reinforce each other, such as:

  • Training for veterinarians. For almost and recently graduated veterinarians, EduVet offers a special training program to optimize the transition from university to practice and to gain practical skills with both animals and people. In addition, EduVet organizes various forms of additional education for all veterinarians.
  • Primary veterinary care for companion animals, second opinions and low cost health care. EduVet is not an ordinary veterinary clinic, but combines high quality veterinary care with education. That makes veterinary health care also affordable for pet owners with a limited budget. It is not that the treatments and products at EduVet are cheaper, but the costs for pet owners with a limited budget can be shared by multiple parties: not only the owner, but also the students of the training centre and sometimes a beneficiary as well.
  • Online advice and pharmacy for companion animals. Pet owners can ask the experienced EduVet staff for online advice. In line with this, EduVet also offers an online pharmacy service for companion animals. Also during the consultations at the centre plenty of time is scheduled for education and advice.


The core team of EduVet includes veterinarian Atjo Westerhuis and veterinary technicians Pauline Westerhuis and Eveline Meijer. In addition there is a so called plus team. That team consists of highly experienced specialists that are experts in their field, for example in disciplines like sports medicine and rehabilitation, dentistry, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Strong together

For Prins Petfoods, the opening of EduVet is a new step in sharing knowledge and experience, with animal welfare as always being the top priority. Various parties such as pet shops and veterinarians can work closely together through both the Edupet education centre and the EduVet veterinary training centre. This is where according to Prins the future lies: experts in their own fields being strong together.

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