The wellbeing of animals is always our top priority. That's why at Prins, we do not test any products on animals.

This means we do not use animal testing for research. At Prins, laboratory animals are not in any way part of our laboratories, nor have they ever been in the past.


Thankfully, more and more consumers, as well as companies, are getting aware of the suffering that laboratory animals face and increasingly more people choose non-animal tested products. That's great news!

At the consumer's home is where the testing takes place


In order to guarantee an optimum quality of our feeds, we carry out research like taste and feces tests at the consumer's home. This is called 'inhouse testing'. Pet owners and their animals often enjoy cooperating in this.


Natural food and sustainability are two inextricably linked elements. As a manufacturer, we feel responsible for the wellbeing and health of both humans and animals. If you would like to learn more about this topic, you can read this article in which we elaborate a bit more about our green heart.