Packagings play an important role in providing information about our feeds and retaining their quality. That's why we put a lot of thought and effort into our packagings.

Customers love giving input about the look and feel of our packagings. For instance, at their request we decided to display the shape and size of our kibble and clearly specify protein and fat percentages. This way lots of information is available at a single glance.  


Oxygen and light can significantly affect the shelf life and tastiness of cat and dog food. To preserve the nutritional value and ensure optimum quality, all of our extruded and pressed feeds are being packaged subject to a controlled atmosphere aka an oxygen-poor environment.

Keep it cool!

The ingredients of our TotalCare deep-frozen raw meat-based meals for both cats and dogs are processed chilled while manufacturing and, once finished, immediately frozen and stored. The meat will then be transported in a special refrigerated truck. 


Our NatureCare meat-based meals for cats (canned) and dogs (sausage-shaped) are sterilized, to make them non-perishable without refrigerating. All ingredients retain their quality during this process.  

A unique identity!

Our packagings depict cats and dogs that have modelled for Prins exclusively. No professional models, but everyday -and on the other hand, very special- pets belonging to our customers. That's what gives our products a truly unique identity.

Flavour guarantee

However hard we may try, there's always a chance your pet doesn't like our food or doesn't react to it well. In these cases you are entitled to claim our flavour guarantee.