Owners of three quarters of Dutch cats and dogs are advised by the vet to switch to veterinary food. So Prins Petfoods presents new 100 percent natural veterinary food that can help reduce a health problem.

According to scientific research, the right diet can considerably reduce disorders like arthrosis, bladder stones and digestive problems. Prins has already had excellent results with eight veterinary foods. And now there are another seven.

Suitable meal

Prins is expanding the veterinary line for cats with diet food for cats with arthrosis, liver problems and intestinal problems. For dogs, four new extruded diet foods will support your pet with urinary tract problems, liver problems, intestinal problems and kidney failure. Besides nuggets, many veterinary foods are also available as wet food or frozen fresh meat, ensuring that there is a suitable meal for every animal.

No need to search

The new veterinary foods are available in selected stores. 'We feel it's important that consumers don't have to search for the most suitable food for their pet, so the same applies to veterinary food,' says marketing & sales director Marlou Mulders of Prins.

Good advice

All specialty pet stores that sell the Prins veterinary line are given a special training. 'During this training, we explain when and for which symptoms you can advise a diet and we discuss the causes and symptoms of important health problems,' says research & development manager Yvonne van den Berg of Prins. Anyone with questions about their pet can also get free support and advice from the Prins CareTeam. That support can make managing a pet with health problems a lot easier.