A pressed kibble with herring, but without the strong smell of fish. This is our new pressed kibble ProCare (Mini) Herring & Rice. Most of our Prins dry foods are based on poultry (chicken and turkey). With the introduction of ProCare Herring & Rice, we have added a hypoallergenic food for dogs with herring as the only animal protein source to our product range.

Herring is not commonly used in the foods for our dogs. An internal survey showed us that dog owners like to give their dogs a meal with only fish as a source of animal protein. At Prins we want to honor the needs and wishes of our customers. For a number of years we have been investigating the use of fish in our pressed kibble for dogs, particularly when it comes to sustainability and sustainable fishing. Many pet owners do not know that herring is the most sustainable species of fish as an ingredient in dog and cat food.

Origin and sustainability

Prins prefers zero waste in producing our products. The herring we use in our new pressed kibble was  caught for human consumption. After filleting, the herring still contains a lot of usable (muscle) tissue. This tissue is used for the ProCare Herring & Rice.

In addition, compared to using shrimp and salmon, with herring as the main animal protein source you use the least amount of fossil energy. Herring  does not live on the bottom of the sea, so fishing nets will not harm the seafloor. In addition,  fishing for herring results in less bycatch, due to the fact that herring tend to stick together in large shoals.

To protect the herring population international management measures against overfishing were introduced in the 1990s. The herring population has been growing ever since and has been stable for 10 years. By using herring for our ProCare Herring & Rice, we support this type of sustainable fishing.

Good to know!

In addition to fish being in great demand, it is also eaten with a lot of enthusiasm by our dogs. Prins believes it is important to make a responsible choice. Animal welfare and the quality of our products are always number one.  The herring is caught in the North Sea and carries the MSC label. This quality mark stands for sustainable fishing, whereby as little damage as possible is caused to sea life. We have deliberately chosen to use herring with the MSC label, for the safeguarding and traceability of the fish.

More advantages

We think it is important to have sufficient omega-3 fatty acids in our foods. So we have added fish oil to our ProCare Herring & Rice foods, as an extra omega-3 source. Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are anti-inflammatory and important for the brain development of your dog.

Prins product with herring

  • Prins ProCare Herring & Rice: pressed hypoallergenic food for adult dogs of medium and large breeds
  • Prins ProCare Mini Herring & Rice: pressed hypoallergenic food for adult dogs of small breeds
  • Prins VitalCare Sensitive: kibble for adult cats of all breeds


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