At Prins we continue to surprise and innovate. If something can be improved, we will do so. That is why the packaging of our ProCare pressed kibble got a new look.

We will not replace the whole ProCare range at once. To avoid waste, we first use the existing stock. In pet shops you can therefore encounter both the old and new packaging.

To start with…

The first bags that are getting a new look are Prins ProCare Puppy Perfect Start (3 kg and 7.5 kg), Prins ProCare Standard Fit (15 kg), Prins ProCare Lamb & Rice Hypoallergenic (15 kg) and Prins ProCare Mini Super Active (3 kg). The other ProCare products will gradually follow.

Fresh, modern and natural

Our new ProCare packaging has a fresh and modern look, without losing the Prins identity. A 100% natural product deserves a natural look. That is why we opted for a beige 'craft look'. The vertical silver band has been replaced by a horizontal one, on which the dogs depicted stand out even better. Because it’s all about the dog, of course!

It's all about the dog, of course!

Super convenient

The new 3 kg bags have a zip closure, which makes them better resealable. They also have a new, flat bottom, so they remain more upright. That not only makes them look better in the pet shop, but also makes it easier to scoop out the kibble.

At a glance

On the packaging you will still find everything you want to know at a glance, such as the kibble size, the most important features of the food and the protein and fat content. Just as a feeding guide, nutritional information and the complete composition, so that you exactly know what is in the diet. New is a serving tip.

Our passion

At Prins we are happy to do everything in-house. Not only the production of our dog and cat food, but also the design of our packaging. We brainstorm, sketch, test, print, check and check again… that process keeps our special graphic designer busy for at least six months. We are satisfied until we think we can do even better. That is our passion for the trade!