Lifestyle for pets is the top pet knowledge and inspiration platform which consists of a website; brimming with information about pets, an interactive TV channel with inspirational and informative videos and a webshop where you can instantly purchase various products. Not only online, but also offline Lifestyle for Pets comes to life, for instance during events and in your local pet store.  

Sharing knowledge

Lifestyle for pets is intiated by Prins Petfoods. One of our core values is sharing knowledge; it's in our DNA and it is what drives us. Through  we aim to inform, inspire, activate and stimulate all animal fans. The wellbeing of animals always coming first. More and more colleagues from the domestic pet sector are joining the platform.

A complete experience

Lifestyle for pets offers a complete experience. On our platform, you can find articles, blogs, the latest animal news, ask our experts your questions and watch unique shows like 'The Animal Cafe'. See a product you like? Go right ahead and order it directly in our shop . You can choose to have your order delivered at home or pick it up at your local pet store.

Did you know?

Lifestyle for pets doesn't only offer information about cats and dogs, but also about rabbits and other rodents, horses, reptiles, fish and birds. Every month a different lifestyle theme is covered. Discover, read, watch, learn, shop and experience! Go to or like and follow the platform on Facebook.