Research by Prins Petfoods has shown that pet owners rank 'health' as the most important topic to learn more about.

Sharing knowledge is one of Prins's core values. For this reason, the family company, specialized in 100% natural cat and dog food, had one of the young talents who is doing his internship at the innovation lab, conduct research into the information needs of both consumers and retailers.

Young talent

Young talent Tom Vergeer, a trading economy student at Avans College, presented his report "How to effectively deploy content to customers based on their needs" to Prins. He researched what needs both consumers and Prins's business partners have in respect of content, i.e. valuable and relevant information which can be shared.


Part of the research was a big online survey, which was taken in full by thousands of consumers and thereby has a reliability rate of 95 percent. From the results it became apparent that consumers rank their pets' health as the most important topic to learn more about. They like using the internet as a source of information and prefer reading articles consisting of multiple sentences.

Life stages pet and main themes

  • Orientation and purchase: health
  • Junior pet (0-1 year): upbringing and behaviour
  • Adult pet (1-7 years): health
  • Senior pet (7 years and up): health

Research results from consumer survey

…versus retailers

The consumers' need for information is different from the retailers'. Even though they value health, they rank food as the most important subject. Moreover, Prins' business partners not only share articles but mostly images on social media. They prefer self-study as a means of acquiring information; like e-learning, doing a course or following a lecture.

Sharing knowledge

Prins is already sharing a lot of knowledge through the CareTeam; a consulting team of nutrition experts, EduPet Education; the educational center for pet lovers and professionals, and Lifestyle for pets, the best online pet knowledge and information platform. There is a growing number of articles about for instance health to be found on our new website