Our department Research & Development is, together with the Quality department, responsible for the recipes and quality of our feeds. The quality depends on a number of crucial elements: high quality ingredients, the right composition, optimal digestibility and high acceptance of the food. 

In order to guarantee high quality, Prins works according to the quality systems GMP+ and Hazard Analyses Critical Control Points (HACCP), which ensure food-safe and hygienic manufacturing. This is checked on a regular basis by independent authorized institutions, like the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Moreover, our own certified laboratory is constantly monitoring the whole manufacturing process, from raw materials to final product. This way we are able to deliver what we're aiming at; a high, constant and guaranteed quality.

Non-animal testing

All of our feeds are free from animal testing. In order to reach the desired quality we collaborate with various universities, fixed suppliers, kennels and catteries, where cats and dogs are testing our feeds in domestic settings. That results in valuable information, like the effects our food has on their coats and how tasty it is. 

No concessions

The long-standing relationship with our suppliers has resulted in a solid and reliable collaboration, in which sharing knowledge is essential for the development and improvement of our products. Prins only uses high quality raw materials. We do not make any consessions to the quality of our food.