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At Prins we have a passion for animals. Developing tailor-made, high quality, 100% natural cat and dog food is our specialty, improving the well-being of animals is our mission. We do that in our own expert, personal, conscious, surprising and unique way.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

100% natural
No artifical colours, flavours and aromas
Dutch family company
Quality, knowledge and experience since 1963
Not tested on animals
We stand for animal welfare
We aim to renew and surprise

Prins is a family company. For over more than fifty years, three generations of the Verkade family have been putting their heart and soul into animal food. Prins feels a bit like family to all of our employees. Working from three premises at the Accustraat in Veenendaal, we are -through manufacturing and education, experience-driven motivaton and enthusiasm, building on a strong and fast growing brand, which is also drawing international attention.

Would you like to know more about our history and what we stand for? Download our corporate booklet to learn all about Prins.

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What we stand for

Placing the consumer at the center of every dog or cat’s life stage and offering products, advice and inspiration for optimal animal welfare. That is what we aim for! To achieve this, three pillars are central within the organization: Petfoods, Education & Experience.

We go the extra mile

By offering just that little bit extra, we add great value to our products. That is why we regularly choose surprising and connecting giveaway promotions to reward the customer for his loyalty and to attract attention to new customers.

At Prins we have a passion for animals

Quality products from the Netherlands

Since 1963 we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience on the right diet for cats and dogs. Our business has always revolved around our love of pets and the health and welfare of animals in general. It’s from this vision that we produce
high quality, fully balanced cat and dog food with natural ingredients.

We produce our pressed kibble at a temperature of around 75 degrees Celsius. The comparatively low temperature means the ingredients are exposed to a minimum heat load. As a result, nutrients are retained. A pressed kibble is highly concentrated, therefore has less volume, making it ideal for active dogs or dogs that are unable to eat a lot. Less temperature, less volume, less environmental impact; less is more. 

A wealth of experience: the Prins CareTeam

The CareTeam answers questions about food, education, behaviour and health of pets to consumers and business partners by email, chat, WhatsApp, social media and telephone. Twelve specialists are ready to provide appropriate advice and provide further guidance if required. Free of charge! Because improving animal welfare is our mission. Every animal is unique and no question is the same. That is why we always tailor our advice based on the questions we ask the owner.

The CareTeam handles more than 1,000 cases per month!

Prins Education

Prins supports its partners with product and other training programs in the Netherlands and abroad. Through on-site training courses, webinars and e-learnings, we like to share our practical knowledge with retail outlets. Product training can also be followed through our Prins e-learnings. This allows participants to learn in their own time and choose the knowledge they need when it suits them.