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7 years old and up

If you watch your pet's needs closely and notice certain signs, there is a lot you can do preventatively.

Nutrition guide

Find out in a few steps which Prins-feed best suits your pet. For a personal advice you can contact our CareTeam.

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This is how to keep your senior fit!

Once your cat grows older, the time has come to pay some extra attention and provide the right care.
Watch its needs closely ands signals it is giving to ensure a comfortable old age.

  • Oudere katten moeten voldoende drinken omdat hun nierfunctie afneemt.
  • Spieren kunnen in kracht afnemen. De blaas is ook een spier!
  • Oudere katten kunnen slechter gaan eten. Daar kun je wat aan doen.
  • Stimuleer je dier te blijven bewegen! Dat houdt spieren soepel.