VitalCare Protection

To provide cats with optimal support so they can stay in balance and age in good health, we developed Prins VitalCare Protection: a 100% natural kibble that's available in six varieties for cats of all ages.


This feed line is rich in chicken and salmon and contains unique ingredients like herbs and Schüssler cell salts (minerals), which provide extra protection and the right preventive support. VitalCare Protection is specifically designed for conscious cat owners that want to offer their pet more. 

The benefits of

Prins VitalCare Protection

Ideal for cats of every age.
Unique ingredients.
Rich in chicken or salmon.
The first feed to contain Schüssler cell salts and herbs for unique preventive support.
Excellent digestibility.
The antioxidants' unique composition protects cats throughout their life.
Takes into account the specific sensitivities of cats, such as choosiness, with additional support for certain organs.

When is

Prins VitalCare Protection appropriate?

  • For every life phase and lifestyle, a preventive, adapted feed
  • The not-too-flat shape is easier for cats to pick up and eat
  • Specifically for conscious cat owners that want to offer their pet more

Prins VitalCare Protection products

Prins VitalCare Protection
Especially for adult cats with sensitive digestion, skin and coat.
Prins VitalCare Protection
Especially for older cats