Prins Train & Care Cat

Prins Train & Care salmon pâté is rich in fresh salmon, the favourite flavour of many dogs. Not only is this salmon-flavoured reward cream very tasty, but it's also wheat and gluten free and hypoallergenic. So there is little to no chance that your pet will have a reaction to it.


With effective ingredients that are a good source of protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and fibre and the added ingredient taurine. The recipe design gives the salmon its consistent, proper structure: creamy and lump-free for easy removal from the tube. 

The benefits

Prins Train & Care

The tube is easy to transport.
Perfect for dosing.
Guide or distract your pet by focusing its attention on the tube.
Say goodbye to crumbs and dirty hands.
A handy tool for pet training and care.

When is

Prins Train & Care appropriate?

  • A handy tool for pet training and care
  • Good for distraction
  • A tasty snack

Prins Train & Care Cat products

Prins Train & Care Cat
100% natural salmon pate for cats