Prins TotalCare Diet

Prins TotalCare Diet frozen raw-meat dietetic food approaches natural food as close as possible. Our premium frozen raw-meat feeds support cats with skin and coat issues caused by hypersensitivity to food and/or cats with gastro-intestinal problems. Moreover, cats absolutely love raw meat!


82 percent of the TotalCare Diet meat slices consist of raw-meat ingredients from premium quality equine meat with salmon oil, potato, pea and minerals. These ingredients are processed and deep-frozen straightaway.


The benefits of

Prins TotalCare Diet

Natural and tasty food which alins with the cat's nature.
Supports the intestinal flora and production of enzymes, which promotes a good digestion.
High quality meat, vitamins and minerals ensure a well-balanced meal.
Easily digestible food reduces the amount of defecation.
High meat content.
Safe to use over longer periods of time.
Wheat(gluten) and grain-free.
No added synthetic aromatics, colourants and flavourings.
Responsible, tasty and affordable treats.
Scientifically proven and developed in collaboration with veterinarians, scientists and universities.

When to use

Prins TotalCare Diet?

  • The best solution for skin, coat and digestive issues
  • To recover the intestinal flora after a maggot cure or antibiotics treatment
  • As a tasty and healthy treat for your cat

Prins TotalCare Diet cat products

Prins TotalCare Diet cat
A complete frozen raw meat-based meal specifically for cats with skin and coat issues