Raw meat for cats, from kitten to senior

TotalCare Cat Complete is a complete raw food, rich in muscle meat and organ meat. Suited for cats of all ages that lead a healthy life. Meat is highly digestible, which will result in less stool. Salmon oil has been added, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Healthy intestinal flora
Salmon oil
Chicken & beef

Nutritional Information

  • Composition
  • Directions
  • Amount per day
  • Transfer
Crude protein16,0%
Crude fat12,2%
Crude ash2,9%
Crude fibre0,9%
Energy value
1920 kcal/kg

Chicken 42% (back muscle, muscle meat, skin), beef 39% (muscle meat, lung, kidney, liver, heart), beet pulp (dried), potato protein, salmon oil, sunflower oil, minerals (potassium chloride). 

Available in: 
3 kg

TotalCare CAT Complete is a complete raw food for cats of all ages. Thaw the meat in a cool place. Can be kept in the refrigerator for two days after thawing, do not refreeze. Serve at room temperature. The meat can be given raw. Cats are known to be very picky about food. Most cats immediately enjoy the fresh meat and will love it. Other cats will have to learn to eat the fresh meat raw. To get your cat used to it, you can mix the meat with a small amount of wet food, such as Prins NatureCare. Mix less and less wet food with the fresh meat for at least 7 days until your cat is completely used to its new raw food. Always have fresh drinking water available at room temperature. Pet food only.

Pet food only. Store at -18°C. Close the packaging well after opening. Best before/production code: see packaging. Contains no preservatives, antioxidants, colourants, odourants and flavourants.

Age: Kitten Adult or Senior
Body weight   1-2 mnd 3-4 mnd 5-6 mnd 7-9 mnd 10-12 mnd
Kilogram   Slices (ca. 25g) per day
0.5   3 2 2 2 2
1   5 4 4 3 3
2   7 6.5 6.5 6 6
3     9 9 8 8
4       11 9.5 9.5
5         13 11
6         15 12
Body weight   Neutered and/or Senior Indoor cat Outdoor cat
Kilogram   Slices (ca. 25g) per day
1   1.5 2 2.5
2   2.5 3 4
3   3.5 4 5
4   4 5 6.5
5   4.5 6 7.5
6   5 7 8.5
7   6 8 9.5
8   6.5 8.5 10.5

Unlike dogs, cats are allowed to mix dry food and raw meat in one day. You can replace part of the daily portion of dry food by a slice of raw meat. You can offer this to your cat without any preparation at room temperature. Cats are very picky eaters; make sure the meat has been defrosted properly. A cat's appetite is mainly based on scent and they need to get used to eating raw meat. Mixing in a tasty treat for a few days makes the transition easier!

100% natural food

All of our products are 100% natural and free from animal testing. We don't use any artificial aromatics, colourants or flavourings and only opt for the best ingredients of superior quality, coming from reliable partners.