For cats with chronic kidney failure


Chronic kidney failure occurs regularly, especially among senior cats. Supporting kidneys with dietetic food positively influences the kidneys and can delay further deterioration of the kidneys. This special dietetic food has been developed in collaboration with veterinarians and supports the renal function with chronically impaired kidneys, also known as chronic renal failure.

Supports renal function
Reduced protein content and adjusted mineral levels – including reduced phosphor content– support a healthy renal function
Includes omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acids (1,4%), derived from salmon oil, have a positive effect on the kidneys
Tasty food
Carefully selected ingredients create a tasty meal and stimulate the appetite while adjusted energy levels contribute to maintaining a healthy weight

Nutritional Information

  • Composition
  • Directions
  • Amount per day
Crude protein8,5%
Crude fat9,0%
Crude ash2,0%
Crude fibre0,5%
Essential fatty acids2,7%
Energy value
1275 kcal/kg

Chicken heart, chicken stomach, chicken liver, chicken necks, rice, salmon oil (0.5%) Fructo- Oligosaccharide (FOS)Manno-Oligo-Saccharide (MOS), calciumcarbonate.

Available in: 
200 gr

Once opened, this food can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days. Serve at room temperature. No further preparation is needed. Spread the daily portion over several meals per day. This food can be used as a main meal or as an alternative to our extruded diet food. Always ensure there is fresh drinking water at room temperature available. Any other supplemented foods are not recommended. NatureCare Diet Cat RENAL SUPPORT is specifically suitable for supporting renal function in adult cats with chronic renal failure. Specific dietary function: supports the renal function with chronically impaired kidneys. Essential constituents: low phosphorus and reduced protein, containing high quality proteins only. Not suitable for: kittens, pregnant or lactating cats, prolonged feeding without veterinary support. Recommended period of use: 6 months at maximum when used for the first time. It is advisable to seek veterinary advice before using this product or extending its period of use.

  Low activity High activity
Body weight (kg) Amount (grams/day)  Amount  (200gr tin/day)  Amount (grams/day)   Amount  (200gr tin/day) 
2 90  1/2 125  1/3
3 115  1/2 165  3/4
4 140  2/3 200 1   
5 160  3/4 230 1 1/4
6 185  3/4 260 1 1/3
7 205 1    290 1 1/2
8 220 1    315 1 1/3
9 240 1 1/4 345 1 3/4
10 255 1 1/4 370 2   

100% natural diet food

Our specially composed diet foods have been scientifically proven, and developed in collaboration with veterinarians, scientists and universities. They are completely safe for your pet, even when used for longer periods of time.